“Guide to Getting Free Samples: Free Stuff/Freebies in & Kindle Store”

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Who doesn’t love getting free stuff, especially in today’s busy world? Imagine finding a new skincare item, a delicious snack, or cool tech for free. It’s not just exciting, it helps your wallet too. and the Kindle Store are great places to find freebies and samples.1

Mike Essex wrote a guide called “Guide to Getting Free Samples.” It’s helped over 400,000 people find the secret to free products on Amazon and Kindle. This book shares over 90 ways to get free things at home. It’s essential for those wanting to save money and get good deals.1

This bestseller book got a 3.4 out of 5-star rating from 86 reviews,1 showing it’s popular and useful. Right now, it’s on sale for $2.99, down from $4.99.2 This is a great deal. It gives tips on free downloads, magazines, books, food, makeup, perfumes, and more. It even helps tech lovers find free DIY stuff.2

Key Takeaways

  • Discover over 90 ways to get free stuff on and the Kindle Store
  • Leverage the Amazon Vine program and Early Reviewer Program to receive free products in exchange for honest reviews
  • Connect with Facebook groups and third-party websites offering free or heavily discounted Amazon products
  • Explore the vast selection of free Kindle eBooks and Audible audiobooks available on Amazon
  • Utilize the Amazon Shopper Panel to earn rewards by uploading receipts and completing surveys

If you want to try new cosmetics or get your hands on gadgets and even luxury items for free, this guide is for you.2 Learn how to be smart and resourceful in getting freebies on Amazon. Start exploring the Amazon freebie world today.

Leverage Free Digital Content

Amazon boasts a massive library of free digital content. It caters to readers, music fans, and anyone wanting free entertainment.3 There are thousands of free Kindle eBooks and a growing list of Audible audiobooks available. This offers a lot of choices for free reading and listening.3

Free Kindle eBooks and Audiobooks

In the Kindle store, looking for “freebies” reveals many complimentary eBooks. Genres range from bestsellers to self-help and kids’ books.3 Amazon also has events like “Stuff Your Kindle Day.” This gives users a chance to get more free books.3

Free Amazon Music Streaming and Downloads

Amazon’s free digital offerings don’t end with books. They also include a variety of free music on the Amazon Music service.3 Users can stream songs, make playlists, and download free tracks. This makes for a richer entertainment experience.3

If you love to read or listen to music, or if you just want to explore more online, Amazon’s free content is a great resource. It offers hours of fun and learning without any cost.34

Get 5GB of Free Cloud Storage

Amazon gives all account holders a special treat – 5GB of free cloud storage with Amazon Drive.5 With this, you can store and get to lots of digital stuff. This includes free music, Kindle books, audiobooks, personal photos, and other Amazon free items. You don’t need to pay for a subscription or have Prime.6

This free cloud storage lets Amazon’s customers keep their photos, videos, and documents safe. You won’t have to fret about not having enough digital storage space. It’s an ideal backup that makes sure you never lose your special digital items.

Free Cloud StorageAmazon gives 5GB of free cloud storage to all account holders.
Secure File StorageUsers can securely save photos, videos, documents, and more in the cloud.
Access AnywhereAccess files anywhere with an internet-connected device.
No Subscription RequiredEveryone with an Amazon account, including those without Prime, gets 5GB free storage.

Using Amazon’s free cloud storage lets customers breathe easier. They can ensure their important digital items are backed up safely. Plus, they can get to them from anywhere.756

Earn Rewards with Amazon Shopper Panel

The Amazon Shopper Panel lets you earn rewards. You can get $10 a month by uploading 10 non-Amazon receipts.5 Also, you earn free Amazon gift cards when you do surveys.8

Upload Receipts and Complete Surveys

You can make extra money with the Amazon Shopper Panel. Just upload your non-Amazon receipts and do surveys.8 If you keep at it, you might have over $100 in Amazon gift cards after a few weeks.8

Opt Out Anytime and Protect Privacy

The Amazon Shopper Panel is by invitation only. But you can join a waitlist to get in later.5 You can leave the program whenever you want. This keeps your shopping info private.5

Joining the Amazon Shopper Panel is a great idea. You earn rewards and keep your shopping secrets safe.85 It’s a smart way to boost your Amazon funds and enjoy special offers as a smart shopper.85

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Free Product Samples

Getting free product samples can be exciting. You get to test new things without the full cost. You can do this through various ways. For example, you can trade old devices for Amazon gift cards. Other methods include becoming a Vine Voice for product testing. These options let you explore a range of items for free.

Exchange Old Devices for Amazon Gift Cards

The Amazon Trade-In program is simple to use. It lets you trade old Amazon devices like Kindle e-readers or Echo speakers for an Amazon gift card. You get the device’s appraised value in Amazon credit.9 This way, you can clear out your old tech and get funds for new purchases, including free samples.

Become a Vine Voice for Product Testing

Joining the Amazon Vine program gives you access to exclusive products. It’s a community of reviewers known for their honest opinions.9 To join, you must regularly post helpful reviews on Amazon. Once in, you can test the newest products before others.

Connect with Communities for Freebies

Finding free Amazon products and exclusive discounts is easier with online communities.10 Just join Facebook groups and follow Instagram accounts. They offer access to many freebies and deals.10 In these places, shoppers share deals, free samples, and tips for finding free stuff.10

Join Relevant Facebook Groups

Special Facebook groups can help you find free products, coupons, and deals.10 These groups are full of people who love free stuff. They share what they find and make new friends.10 By joining these groups, you can get special info and offers. You’ll also meet others who enjoy finding free Amazon items.10

Follow Instagram Accounts for Promotions

Instagram is great for knowing about giveaways and free samples.11 Start by following accounts that post about Amazon deals and freebies. You’ll always know about chances to get things for free or at a big discount.11 The accounts share updates as soon as they know, which is helpful for smart Amazon shoppers.11

Use Targeted Hashtags to Find Deals

Using the right hashtags can help you find a lot of free Amazon products and deals.11 Try hashtags like #AmazonFreebies, #FreebieFinder, and #FreeStuff. They lead you to people and posts that share how to get freebies and discounts.11 Keep searching and following these hashtags. This way, you’ll always know about the best freebies first.11

Leverage Browser Extensions and Discounts

Want to save more on Amazon? Try out different browser extensions and discounts. For example, the Capital One Shopping extension can find and apply coupon codes. This might get you cash back or free gift cards.12

Keep an eye out for Amazon sales and coupons too. Things like waiting for Cyber Monday or using Amazon Prime Day deals can save you a lot. Doing your homework and looking for discounted items is smart shopping.12

By using browser extensions and discount strategies, you can save a lot on Amazon. Don’t forget to look for Amazon deals, coupons, cash back, and gift cards. This makes you a smarter, more strategic shopper with access to savings and free stuff.12

Set Up Send Me a Sample with Alexa

Amazon customers can easily find and get free product samples via Alexa devices. They need to enable the “Send Me a Sample” in the Alexa app and connect their Amazon account. Then, just asking “Alexa, send me a free sample” will reveal the newest offers.


This feature lets users dive into various sample types. These include grooming products, essentials for homes, sports nutrition, and beauty items for women.13 The amount and kind of samples vary. Some are for a limited time or for specific groups.


Take the free Welly Glow In the Dark Flex Fabric Bandage Sample Pack, for example. It was limited to 15,000 people. In contrast, the C4 Smart Energy Drink Mix Sample Pack was available for 42,120 users initially.14 On the other hand, the NARS Orgasm Blush Sample was accessible through various means, including online and with voice assistants.14

Alexa users might find fragrance samples, like Gabrielle Chanel Essence and Prada Ocean Luna Rossa, for 100,000 individuals each.14 Specific audiences also had their own options, such as the Else Plant Based Complete Nutrition for Toddlers.14

The “Send Me a Sample” tool allows Amazon customers to check out a broad range of free products. They include beauty, food, and drinks items. Users can do this all with their Alexa-powered devices at home.13 This blend of Alexa and Amazon’s free sample service makes finding and getting samples easy. It invests shoppers in the fun of exploring and trying new products.15

Get a Free Baby Box with Registry

As a new parent, you’re faced with lots of decisions about baby stuff. But, Amazon has made it easier. They offer a free box full of essential items and coupons.9

To get this free box, make an Amazon registry. Then, buy $10 worth of stuff. You’ll get a welcome box with about 10 items,16 great for both new parents and families. This includes samples and coupons from top brands. It’s a good way to test different products for your little one.9

It’s not just for first-time parents. If your family is growing, you can benefit from it too. Just make an Amazon registry and get your free baby box. It’s easy and helpful for any new addition to your family.9

Exclusive Amazon Prime Freebies

We’ve covered how to snag free stuff without Amazon Prime earlier. But now, let’s dive into what Amazon Prime members get exclusively.13

Prime Video and Music Trials

Being part of Amazon Prime means trying out cool stuff for free. You can test Prime Video to watch shows and movies. Prime Music is great for listening to songs without ads.7 These perks let you see what Amazon’s entertainment world is like. And you don’t have to commit long-term, which is awesome.

Prime Reading and Gaming Access

There’s more to love for Prime members. You have Prime Reading, filled with tons of eBooks and popular magazines. You can read them for free.7 Prime Gaming is also on the list. This gives you free games, in-game extras, and monthly special titles. It’s a buffet for all kinds of fun seekers.7

Amazon Prime Exclusive BenefitsDescription
Prime VideoUnlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and Amazon Originals
Prime MusicAd-free access to millions of songs and playlists
Prime ReadingFree eBooks, popular magazines, and Kindle titles
Prime GamingFree games, in-game content, and monthly free titles
Prime TrialsFree trials for Kindle Unlimited, video/movie channels, and more

There’s a world of entertainment waiting for Amazon Prime members. From streaming to reading and gaming, everything comes included. It’s a treasure trove that makes the Prime subscription worth much more.7


This guide has detailed how Amazon customers can get free samples and digital content. This is possible whether you have Amazon Prime or not. By joining programs like Amazon Vine and the Early Reviewer Program, or by accessing free Kindle books and music, customers can enjoy many freebies.17

The guide also covered using Amazon cloud storage and the rewards from the Amazon Shopper Panel. It mentioned trading in old devices for Amazon gift cards. Moreover, it discussed how using social media and browser extensions can help find the best Amazon deals and freebies.18

By following the guide, Amazon shoppers can open up a world of freebies and save money. This makes their Amazon shopping better and more budget-friendly. With free samples, Prime benefits, and rewards programs, Amazon is full of chances for smart shoppers to enjoy new items without spending much.17,18

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