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Start Making Money through Recycling

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Oh, the joy of taking out the trash! Said no one ever. But what if your seemingly useless garbage could be a goldmine? Your trash could be your ticket to extra cash. Now, before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as another internet hoax, let us assure you, it’s not. This isn’t about finding a rare Picasso painting in your attic or discovering a priceless antique in your basement. No, this is about the everyday items you discard without a second thought. The plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, old phones, and even those pesky wine corks. Spoiler alert: It’s going to be a game-changer!

Book Recycling

Remember that stack of books gathering dust on your bookshelf? Those could be your first cash cow. Sites like DeCluttr and Amazon Trade-In offer a platform where you can sell your used textbooks and other books. All you need is to type in the barcode or ISBN of the book, and voila! You get an instant price. Pack them up, ship them off, and wait for your cash reward.

And before you start worrying about shipping costs, these platforms provide free shipping labels. So, you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Cardboard Boxes

Ever thought that those cardboard boxes from your recent move or Amazon Prime deliveries could earn you some cash? Well, they can. Sites like BoxCycle allow you to list your cardboard boxes for sale. People are always in need of boxes for moving and would rather not pay top dollar for them. So, instead of trashing your boxes, recycle them by selling to others at a lower rate.

Cash in on Your Bottles and Cans

Those empty bottles and cans from your last party could be more than just an eyesore. Many states offer cash rewards for returning used bottles and cans. While the deposit rates differ between states, it’s a smart way to make money without doing much. So, the next time you’re cleaning up after a party, remember, you’re not just tidying up; you’re cashing in.

Ink Cartridges: More Than Just Office Supplies

Got a bunch of empty ink cartridges in your drawer? You can turn them into cash by selling or recycling them. Many office supply stores like Staples and OfficeMax offer rewards for recycling. Each empty ink cartridge could earn you $2 store credit. Alternatively, you could sell your ink cartridges on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

The Goldmine in Scrap Metal

Metal is one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to recycling. Steel, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, or stainless steel can all be recycled over and over again without any degradation in their performance. So, if you’re looking to clean up your backyard, help the environment, and make some money, recycling scrap metal is the way to go.

Recycle Your Old Phones

If you have a couple of old phones lying around, it’s time to recycle them and make some money. Companies like Decluttr offer cash for tech, allowing you to sell your old phone, tablet, or watch. All you need to do is tell the site what you want to sell, and it’ll give you a price.

Wine Corks: A Surprising Cash Cow

Did you know your wine corks are worth money? You can turn your pile of wine corks into cash on eBay. While recycling corks won’t make you a millionaire, it’ll definitely pay for another wine bottle or two.

Car Batteries

There’s no use for car batteries once they start breaking down. But you can turn them into cash at your next auto part shops such as Advance Auto or AutoZone. You can get paid as much as $10 per battery. Not bad for something that would have just been left lying around in your garage, right?

The Power of Recycling

Recycling for money will not replace your day job, but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash while showing that you’re not indifferent to the waste crisis. So, have a good look around – what can you turn into cash right now? Remember, making money doesn’t have to be limited to traditional sources. Original ways to make extra money are all around us, and it’s our job to spot and use them.

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