Product Testing: Finding Product Tester Jobs and Testing Product

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Today’s market is full of products competing for our attention. That’s where product testing comes in. It helps both the companies and the people shopping. This testing checks if a test product is good and gives us information on if we can trust it.1 It also lets companies prove their ads are true. This way, they can avoid trouble for selling bad products or lying in their ads.1 Plus, testing gives them important details to decide on offering warranties. This helps protect you, the customer, further.1

Interested in making sure products are top-quality, trying out new things, or making extra money? Then, looking into being a product tester jobs could be the right move for you. In our guide, you’ll find all the info you need. We’ll cover how to find these testing jobs, what being a product tester involves, and the good and not-so-good parts of this line of work.

Key Takeaways

  • Product testing checks if products are good and lets shoppers know they’re safe to use.
  • Companies use the proof from product tests to show their products are as great as they say, and this keeps them out of trouble.
  • In the US, the average pay for product testers is $50,821 a year. Those with more experience can make up to $69,942.1
  • Testers get to try products from many areas like beauty, food, toys, and tech.1
  • More and more, people are testing products from home. This means you can try things out in your own space.1

What is Product Testing?

Product testing is vital to check a product’s quality and give useful info to consumers.2 It lets companies back up their claims with solid evidence from rigorous product review. Tests focus on a product’s features and its quality.2 This helps avoid legal troubles from faulty items or misleading ads. It also guides manufacturers on warranty decisions and protects customers better.

Definition of Product Testing

This process looks at how well a product works, how safe it is, and the user’s experience to meet set standards and expectations.2 By doing this, companies learn about their product’s performance in the real world. They also spot areas that need improvement.

Importance of Product Testing

Product testing is key in giving consumers honest and reliable info about a product’s quality and how well it works.2 It allows companies to upgrade their products based on data and address any safety or function issues. This work builds trust with customers. High product review boosts the test products.

Benefits for Companies

Product testing does more than ensure quality and reliability.2 It lets companies make strong claims with proof, avoid lawsuits, and decide on warranties and customer safety measures wisely.2 Feedback from product testers also helps companies get better and lead the market.

What is a Product Tester?

A product tester tries out products for companies. They check them based on what the company wants. Then, they give the company detailed feedback about the product.1 Product testers can be anyone hired by third-party companies. These companies are often hired by big corporations. They assign testers to figure out what a product can do and how well it does it.

This feedback helps companies in their marketing. It shows customers what the product is good for. Without product testers, companies wouldn’t know what improvements to make so they get paid to test products. Or, how to tell us about their product’s advantages.1

Role and Responsibilities

The job of a product tester involves carefully checking products. And then, telling the company what they found. They look at how well the product works and the quality it offers. They also think about how easy or fun it is to use.1

Testers spot problems or things that need to get better. They also help to show what the product is really good for. This way, the company can make better choices about how to sell the product.

Types of Products Tested

Product testers get to check many things. This includes stuff in beauty, like makeup and skincare items. Food and drinks are another area they look into. Then, there’s kitchen gadgets, books, educational games, and everyday toys.1 They also test furniture, things for keeping clean, health products, and clothes.

Companies want their help with all kinds of items. This could be video games, makeup, shoes, cars, and even pet supplies. Checking these different things gives companies a lot of useful info.1 This info helps them know what people need and want. It guides how they sell and advertise their products.

IndustryExamples of Products Tested
BeautyCosmetics, skincare, haircare
FoodFood and beverage products
KitchenwareCookware, small appliances, utensils
EducationEducational toys, books, software
RetailFurniture, toys, household items
Health and HygienePersonal care products, medical devices

By testing such a broad range of items, testers help companies offer better products. They support decisions on how to make, sell, and talk about these items1

All You Need to Know About Paid Product Testing Jobs

Product testing is a way to make money by testing new products. It also lets you share your thoughts on them with companies. In the US, product testers on average earn $50,821. If you have 15 years of experience, you could make $69,942 a year.

Types of Product Testing Roles

Testers are needed in many areas like beauty, food, and toys. They check products in different ways, like making sure they work well or testing new ideas.

Today, many people work as testers from home. Companies like this because real users give better feedback at home. You don’t always need a special degree to be a tester. But, it helps to know a lot about the products you test. Doing things like joining surveys or focus groups can also help you get started.

Work-from-Home Product Testing Opportunities

Working from home as a product tester is easier now than ever.3 Most companies prefer their products tested at home. This is because you, the end user, interact with them the most.3 Your employer will send products to you. Then, you’ll use company software or a similar tool to evaluate them. You’ll give feedback and rate the products based on criteria set by your employer.

Benefits of Remote Testing

Testing products from home brings many benefits. You get to work from your own space, which is very convenient. You also have a flexible schedule. Plus, you’ll try out products from different industries.1 Product testers are needed in areas like beauty, food, and education. This lets you explore various product types. You’ll be helping companies by providing your important feedback.

Setting Up a Home Testing Environment

Creating a good home testing area is important. You’ll need a space where you can thoroughly test the products. This area should be well-lit and have good internet.3 Depending on the job, testing can earn you from $20 to hundreds of dollars. Others may pay from $0.20 to $5.00 for testing items. The pay can come in cash, PayPal, gift cards, or site currency that you can change to cash.

As a product tester working from home, you have a lot of freedom. You can test products at a time that suits you. This work is essential for making products better.3 Swagbucks offers easy product testing options. Phillips might send you free products to test five or six times a year.3

How to Become a Product Tester

To become a product reviewer, no formal education is needed.1 But, companies look for those who know a lot about their items. This makes sure the reviews are spot-on.1 If you’ve been a fan of a brand for a while, you might be an ideal tester. You understand the product well, and you know what to look for in its quality.1

Skills and Experience Needed

It’s great to have experience in various fields if you want to be a tester.1 Also, being part of focus groups or surveys to understand different markets helps. This background makes you a strong candidate for testing products.1

Getting Started in Software Testing

If product testing is your goal, check out the Introduction to Software Testing course at the University of Minnesota. This can give you the basics. It includes learning how to check if products work well, testing ease of use, and giving detailed feedback.1

Best Product Testing Websites and Companies

Searching for top product testing sites? Pinecone Research stands out as a favorite. It’s famous for both surveys and testing products and pays well. When you join, you get to do surveys. Sometimes, you also get to try beauty products, food, or drinks. Since not many people use it, you have a better shot at trying out products.

Ipsos i-Say

4 Ipsos iSay connects people with testing chances through surveys. They offer paid surveys and chances to try new products for those interested.


4 At Toluna, you can test products like shower gel and cosmetics for free. By signing up, you unlock many different testing opportunities across various items.

Clicks Research

4 Clicks Research gives out products from meals to make-up for testing. Doing more surveys means you get to try more things. They offer tests for a wide range of goods.

Tips for Successful Product Testing

To become a top product tester, you need a smart approach. Simply testing items isn’t enough. You must give useful feedback and be known as a reliable tester.2

Providing Detailed Feedback

Focus on giving detailed, thoughtful feedback when testing. Companies rely on testers to catch issues and offer solutions.2 Make your feedback clear, share your experience, and suggest how to improve the product.5

Building a Reputation as a Reliable Tester

Be professional in every test you do. This can lead to more opportunities in the future.5 Also, get to know different products and industries. Joining focus groups and taking surveys can show your skill and trustworthiness.2

Staying Updated on New Opportunities

Keep ahead of the latest testing chances by using job boards and freelance sites.5 Joining microtask platforms like JumpTask can also be useful.5 Being active on social media and in online groups can reveal new tests before they’re advertised everywhere.5

Pros and Cons of Product Testing

If you like making sure products are good, a job as a product tester might be right for you.6 You get to try out new products before they launch and might get to keep them after testing.6 Many do this testing at home or at their job, not in a lab.

Advantages of Being a Product Tester

Being a product tester has great perks.7 You see products before others do and can help make them better. This makes the products more appealing for customers.7 Plus, you might get paid or receive free things for your work.7

Potential Drawbacks and Challenges

But, there are some challenges to think about.6 Product testers who work for themselves have to deal with high taxes. This means you have to think about money a lot.6

6 Work may not come in steadily, which can make it hard to predict how much you’ll earn.6 You’ll also need to spend a lot of time managing the business and testing products.6

6 Another thing to consider is getting insurance because the work can be risky.6 Sometimes, your testing equipment might break, costing you money to fix.6 It’s important to always be available by phone in case a testing opportunity pops up.6

6 Safety is a big deal in this job because there might be dangerous parts to it.6 And, it’s not so easy to make money passively as a product tester. Time and work limits make it tough.6

Product Testing Scams and How to Avoid Them

In the world of product testing, it’s essential to beware of scams. These scams can put your personal info and money at risk. Legit product testing opportunities bring benefits like insights, compensation, and new product access. But there are also scams to be wary of.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Beware of fake job ads for “Amazon Tester” roles. Scammers use these to get personal info from folks.8 Sites like and are known for sharing these fake ads on social media.8 Always check out a company thoroughly before starting any testing with them.

Scammers also work through Facebook groups. They claim to offer real product testing chances. But,8 be careful. This method might be illegal in some places.8

Verifying Legitimate Product Testing Companies

Searching for legitimate product testing companies means a little research. Look for companies with good reputations, a history in the field, and clear processes.9 Inbox Dollars, User Testing, and Opinion Champ are safe bets. They pay with real cash for your time.9

Real companies either let you keep the tested products or pay with gift cards or cash. This way, you know they’re likely not a scam.9 By digging deep into a company’s background, you can avoid product testing scams. This assures you a safe, enjoyable testing journey.

Doing your homework is vital when getting into product testing. Stay alert, check a company’s credibility, and go for known reputable brands. This approach helps prove the worth of products, understand customer feelings, and excel in the product testing arena.


Product testing lets you try new items before anyone else. You can also make money and get rewards. Sharing your opinions helps make these products better.10 Learn about what product testers do. Know how to spot real from fake testing offers. This will help you have good experiences with testing and earning.5

Are you into checking product quality? Or maybe you just want to earn some cash? Trying out jobs and sites for product testing could be great for you.10 Testers’ feedback is super important. It helps companies fix and improve their products. When you look for testing gigs, watch out for scams. Always be professional for success.5

As a tester, you can earn cool stuff and help make better products for everyone.5 With the right mindset, testing products can be a fun and helpful job. It’s a way to influence the things we use every day.

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